Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dastaar used to train police in UK

Got this email from a police officer in the UK who ordered Dastaar:

Thank you very much for posting Dastaar (Defending Sikh Identity) by Kevin Lee. This is very much appreciated and I will be using this video for training puropses for the UK Thamesvalley Police force. If there is anything I could do for yourselves I will be more than happy to accomodate any reqest you may have.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Indy Nandha
Community & Diversity Officer
Thamesvalley Police

A couple of events I'll be at: Ottawa and DC

The Ottawa-Carleton Sikh Students Association presents:

Lights, Camera & Action: Sikh Day 2007

at the University of Ottawa's Alumni Auditorium, from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on March 30, 2007;

An evening of film and culture exploring a vibrant community through the lens, complete with musical performances blending traditional Indian instrumentals and percussions, and an electrifying tabla fusion by 'The Tabla Guy'. (www.thetablaguy.com)

The evening will be followed by a reception where light refreshments will be served.

For more information, please refer to the poster or contact us at sikhday2007@gmail.com

Dastaar playing at Spinning Wheel Film Festival -- Washington, DC; Saturday 4/8/2007 2:30PM at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - visit www.spinningwheeldc.org for details


The Kaur Foundation proudly debuts the Spinning Wheel
Film Festival at the world re-known Kennedy Center for
Performing Arts in Washington D.C this April 6th and
7th, 2007. This premier two-day event hosted by the
Kaur Foundation, will start off on the evening of
April 6th, 2007 with a Gala Event evening, “Leaders of
Today - Lighting the Torch for Tomorrow” at the Hyatt
Regency in Bethesda, Maryland.

On April 7th, 2007 the esteemed Kennedy Center for
Performing Arts will be the venue for the Spinning
Wheel Film Festival. This acclaimed Sikh Film
festival brings together the diverse cultural and
historical perspectives of Sikhs worldwide, offering
cinematic insight on universal themes. The highlight
of the Festival is the opportunity to meet with the
Sikh directors and actors who partake in informative
discussions and Q&A sessions with the audience after
each cluster of films is shown.

These two pioneering events will bring together
world-renowned artists, film directors, Hollywood
actors, corporate giants, congressional dignitaries,
and celebrated community leaders from all across the
United States, Britain and Canada. The events will
highlight and honor the achievements of community
leaders and partners who have made an outstanding
contribution towards the advancement of the Sikh
community. The Kaur Foundation wishes to showcase the
talent, creative capital and potential of the
community by sending a message of excellence for the
younger generations of Sikh Americans.

Buy your tickets today! This premiere event is not to
be missed!

For Kaur Foundation Leadership Gala Event Evening and
Spinning Wheel Film Festival ticket passes and for
further information contact: www.spinningwheeldc.org

Monday, March 05, 2007

At the Sikh Photo Exhibit at the Queens Museum of Art

Okay so I made a major goof by saying that Vaisakhi was this month and not April :-(, but aside from that, at least I said a few good words in praise of Sikhism. Chardi Kala!

A 10 minute highlight video of the exhibit will be posted shortly...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dastaar to play at Queens Museum of Art event tomorrow

Sikh Coalition and Grassroots Initiative Announce Opening of Photo Exhibition

"Fighting Prejudice With Votes -
Sikhs in New York

First Ever Photo Exhibition on Sikhs to Show at the Queens Musuem of Art from March 3 to March 31st

New York, NY (February 26, 2007) – The Sikh Coalition and Grassroots Initiative are proud to announce the opening this week of "Fighting Prejudice with Votes: Sikhs in New York" a photo exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art by photographer Sarah Tew. The photo exhibition marks the first time a Sikh-centered photo exhibition has been displayed at any museum in New York.

About the Photo Exhibition

In 2006, Grassroots Initiative teamed up with the Sikh Coalition to help elect the first-ever Sikh elected officials in New York.

In this bold new exhibit, Brooklyn-based photographer Sarah Tew documents the experience in images, juxtaposing the private and public lives of the Sikh community and the process of merging these lives through entry into the political process. The images provide an intimate look into the culture, faith and recent triumphs of one of New York’s most colorful and least understood ethnic communities.

RSVP for the Opening Reception
The opening reception, on March 3, 2007 at the Queens Museum of Art will feature the premier public screening of a news extended version filmmaker Kevin B. Lee's Dastaar (link to older, shorter version), an intimate discussion panel with the artists and activists involved in the exhibit, and a Q&A with the Sikh candidates themselves.

Opening reception, featuring sweets and refreshments, will be held on March 3, 2007 from 3-5 pm. Please RSVP here; space is limited.

New York Times and Other Media Articles on Elected Sikhs

The election of the 5 Sikh officials in New York City has generated a great deal of media interest. Publications such as the New York Times covered their election in an article entitled "Politics, Spoken in Punjabi." In addition the New York Sun covered their election in a front page article and the Times Ledger covered the election in an article entitled "Sikhs Join Dem Committee for First Time in Queens History."

The Sikh Coalition encourages all Sikhs to get involved in their local electoral process with any political party they choose support. It is critical that our community becomes a part of the decision-making structures our the countries within which we resided rather than simply advocating for change from outside.

Grassroots Initiative is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization committed to rebuilding democracy by opening doors, breaking down barriers and establishing effective dialogue between community residents and public decision makers. Grassroots Initiative promotes community involvement, assists first-time candidates for public office and enables decision makers to better utilize public input. For more information, please visit www.gograssroots.org.

Japji 25

Grace abounds beyond all reckoning,
Great is the Giver, with no trace of greed.
So many, the crowds of the heroes who beg,
So many, their numbers cannot be reckoned.
So many are wasted and ruin their gifts,
So many keep getting, but deny they've received.
So many are fools who just keep on consuming,
So many keep suffering sorrow and hunger.
These also are gifts which You give us.
Your will determines release from our bondage,
No one else has a say about this.
The fool who dares to speak
Alone knows the blows on his face.
The Knower and the Giver are one and the same
Though this is acknowledged by few.
The person gifted to praise and adore,
Nanak says, is truly monarch of monarchs.

Harvard University Sikh Scholarship

vidia vicari tam parupkari

Contemplate and reflect upon knowledge and you will become a benefactor to others


The Sikh Scholarship Foundation was started in 2002 to provide scholarship grants to Sikh students at Oxford University, UK. Building upon the success of the program there, the Foundation is glad to announce the availability of a US $10,000 annual scholarship award to one Sikh student who has been duly admitted to Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States for the academic year 2007-2008. The scholarship award will be paid to the successful candidate each academic year for up to four years.

It is high time that the Sikh community encourage their youth to not only attend excellent and prestigious institutions of higher learning, but also provide incentive to learn and commit to the Sikh ideals of sevā-simran at the same time as undertaking their academic education. To that end, the Sikh Scholarship Foundation requires recipients of the scholarship to attend a 2 week intensive Gurmat training course and occasional projects, lectures and assignments on Sikhī topics during their university career. Furthermore, the scholars automatically become members of the Mātā Sāhib Kaur Alumni Society and utilize their education and Sikhi background to participate in society as practicing ambassadors of the Sikh nation.

All students interested in this program are urged to request an application form from the Sikh Scholarship Foundation using the following contact information:

Email – applicationform@sikhscholarship.org

Phone – 1-978-764-6855 (Harvard Shcolarship only)

Web page – www.sikhscholarship.org

What – The Sikh Scholarship Foundation, Harvard Scholarship

Who – All Sikh students admitted to Harvard University, Cambridge, MA for the academic year 2007-2008 are eligible to apply

How – Request an application form from applicationform@sikhscholarship.org

When – Deadline for all application forms is June 30, 2007. Scholarship award is announced August 1, 2007.

For more information regarding the Sikh Scholarship Foundation, please visit www.sikhscholarship.org.

In partnership with the Sikh Research Institute, the Sikh Scholarship Foundation – Harvard is also accepting funds for this program. If you are interested in contributing, please send us your tax-deductible donation to:

Sikh Research Institute

P.O. Box 690504

San Antonio , TX 78269

Please make check payable to Sikh Research Institute and write "SSF-Harvard" in the memo.

Alternatively you may contribute via internet at http://www.sikhri.org/donation and select "Sikh Scholarship Foundation – Harvard" when making your yearly commitment.