Friday, March 02, 2007

Japji 25

Grace abounds beyond all reckoning,
Great is the Giver, with no trace of greed.
So many, the crowds of the heroes who beg,
So many, their numbers cannot be reckoned.
So many are wasted and ruin their gifts,
So many keep getting, but deny they've received.
So many are fools who just keep on consuming,
So many keep suffering sorrow and hunger.
These also are gifts which You give us.
Your will determines release from our bondage,
No one else has a say about this.
The fool who dares to speak
Alone knows the blows on his face.
The Knower and the Giver are one and the same
Though this is acknowledged by few.
The person gifted to praise and adore,
Nanak says, is truly monarch of monarchs.

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